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When to Sing?



Music seastar - 星海劉家謙

From school singer to Network singer

Music seastar coming from HK.
Singing many years in School since kids to adult for over 10 continuously years.

Music seastar first performance in Family just 9 to 10 years old. A special chance for school performance is in Primary School Farewell Day. He sang without music to schoolmates. And all was surprised.

Then He started the Journey on school singing. He kept to sing in choir for F1 to F5.

The start joining Singing contest When F3. The song he sang was unchained melody. He got the first singing prize.

He keep to join singing contest no matter win or loss.
Keeping to explore his music.

He always sang without background in Secondary school. And schoolmates were enjoy to hear.

Then he kept to Sing almost by year. The most special moment is he sang "天蠶變" and won a best surprised in School.

All students accepted he as a funny singer and willing to support he to chasing his singer dream.

While Secondary school 10th anniversary.

He chose "star plucking" from Danny Chan. To encourage students to chasing their dream.

He kept to sang until leaving secondary school. And Schoolmates was sad and cry..

He had to get higher education. He went to LU to chasing his dream as a HRM student.

A special chance, He got a chance to join O'night in Muso and joined the singing contest. Won best performance in the competition. The competition song was 海闊天空.

Then He missed 2 chances to join. 殘酷一叮 while He did not had any support and busy in School AD final year exam..

He felt regret and kept positive mind to go forward. Then He went to Chu Hai college of higher education to move on the his path to BBA degree.

One special chance, he joined the competition in 2007. He sang Star Plucking again. To continues chasing his singer dream. He won and schoolmates called him #Star plucking.

In 2008, He was invited to be one of the guest performancer in Singing contest. He sang the Star Plucking and also "When to sing?", He first song, He wrote,arranged music and written lyrics.

The Song was written in 2002, Pure lyrics version for Nokia song creation competition.

You can hear from the link in Jango.

Over 500 students in School and 500 US people listened the song.

So that why he put "When to sing?" as the first song to public in internationally.

It coming through a long and tough journey in his singer dream.

His goal is to be a amateur network singer, sharing music with fun!

He got many support in HK, schoolmates and friends..

Can see there over 25K visitors and 500 Likes!

And keep counting!

Also have 300 Likes!

20000 views in Youtube!

Hope you enjoy his music and have fun!

Sharing with Friends and others!

Music Seastar
When to Sing?
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Music Seastar
© 2021 Music Seastar
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