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Keith Baxter (Bax)has been writing and recording songs for many years.The album "one day millionaires" was released on cassette tape back in 1987 but due to very limited distribution and promotion was never given enough exposure.
The "One Day Millionaires" album by Bax has now been re-released on itunes and the other download sites shown on this page.
Keith is also the singer and songwriter of the Scottish band The Unpredictable Headband whose music can be heard on backing of ...



Obama Killed Osama

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One Day Millionaires

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Bax & Unpredictable Headband


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Bax & Unpredictable Headband

All Over the Place

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Amy's Song

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The Unpredictable Headband

Out of Thin Air

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Unpredictable Headband

One More Bullet

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Unpredictable Headband

Sweet & Sour

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Upcoming Events

Wed, Jan 17, 2018  1:00 AM
Release of One More Bullet new album of The Unpredictable Headband
Thu, Apr 24, 2014  1:00 AM
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Fri, Jul 26, 2019 5:53 PM
some new song previews on soundcloud may be on next release
Mon, Dec 24, 2018 7:20 PM
follow unpredictable headband on spotify
Wed, Dec 12, 2018 7:03 AM
New album must be getting good play levels on spotify as some of the tracks appearing in top songs lists already, and has not been out a month yet - it is a very good album - so with right exposure should do very well
Sun, Dec 09, 2018 11:58 AM
Listen to sample and post your comments here - no need to log in, just interested to see what you think thanks Bax
Sun, Nov 25, 2018 12:56 PM
New album Sweet and Sour now on release, will be available soon on all sites brilliant mix of high quality tracks in various genres
Thu, Nov 15, 2018 5:48 PM
just finalising which tracks to go where on new album, Rehgoo music are interested in our stuff so maybe something there to boost publicity
Thu, Aug 09, 2018 4:54 AM
Couple of titles of tracks on next album Sex Trap and Emotional, both brilliant tracks, can be heard on Soundcloud in pre- release form by searching Baxrecords on web and going to Soundcloud site, cheers Bax
Sun, Mar 25, 2018 7:41 PM
got a whole other albums worth of stuff qued up so should be another release soon
Sat, Feb 24, 2018 5:29 AM
One More Bullet now fully released on all streaming and download sites, mainly rock based album 13 trks great listening, hope you enjoy our latest work cheers Bax
Sat, Jan 13, 2018 5:10 AM
Tue, Jan 09, 2018 5:56 AM
New album finally sent out for release, get it everywhere soon - One More Bullet - 13 tracks of excellent music
Wed, Nov 01, 2017 6:11 AM
Have hit number one spot for easy listening in the N1M charts with Three Day love, and so it should be, great easy listening song going out on next album
Tue, Oct 17, 2017 12:59 PM
Three day love, is a new song from the Unpredictable Headband, it is on a couple of sites as listen only, I must get it released as we have had a lot of enquiries as to where it can be bought, so away to finally assemble our new album which will feature this and many other new tracks
Tue, Jul 25, 2017 6:38 PM
some new preview stuff on soundcloud just google baxrecords
Wed, Jun 21, 2017 6:38 AM
Will be putting some new songs on Soundcloud next couple of weeks as listen only tracks as precursor to them being released on next album, so keep an eye out on Baxrecords soundcloud page for samples of upcoming releases
Sun, Feb 19, 2017 11:31 AM
No gigs booked at the moment, but my youngest daughter Hannah says she would like to come out and do a gig with me, maybe take some backing tracks of her choice with us and get something booked, she is a brilliant singer and it would be a great nights entertainment, will keep everyone posted on here and on Facebook as to if and when it is happening
Tue, Dec 06, 2016 12:45 PM
Next gig Friday 9th December at Plough inn front bar, free admission, come and get rocking and drunk!
Sun, Oct 02, 2016 6:48 AM
Next live gig is titled Wooo at the Ploo details on Bax and Unpredictable Headband facebook pages - fancy dress 29th October 21.00 till 1.30 30th Oct in Plough Inn lounge bar/hall Skene St Macduff, Aberdeenshire, should be a great night
Sat, Jul 16, 2016 8:28 AM
Started playing some live gigs locally, will be playing The Plough Inn at Macduff again in August, just two of us in the front bar, few covers and some of our own material too
Wed, May 18, 2016 6:01 PM
Working on mixes for next release now should be done over next week or two - artwork has been the real hold up for upload just need to get a decent pic and text font and it'll be done - 12 tracks - I Rule My Own World by the Unpredictable Headband
Sat, Mar 19, 2016 4:15 AM
It would appear that the next album is going to be made up of mainly rock tracks, as I have now got final mix versions of at least 12 tracks in this genre. I do wonder if people prefer genre consistent albums rather than very mixed genre albums, please feel free to give me your thoughts and comments on this
Thu, Feb 04, 2016 4:59 AM
New album coming out very soon "A LEAK IN THE IMAGINATION" 13 tracks of HQ mixes various genres UNPREDICTABLE HEADBAND, just the art work to do and of course the promo/build up to release
Tue, Sep 29, 2015 3:02 AM
Definately have to get at least one of the new albums released this next time home from the rig, have enough songs for 3 new albums sitting mixed and mastered, just need artwork sorted out for release, keep an eye out here and on web for official release information.
Sat, Jul 04, 2015 6:08 AM
Just updated the link on this page to go straight to Unpredictable Headband official website where you can look at band history, member details and listen to songs, hope you like it
Thu, Mar 12, 2015 4:50 AM
Amy,s song is building a good presence on internet sites - newest one I have found is Ripple tunes which I believe is a subsiduary of itunes, it is a trully well written song straight from the heart, so it deserves to do well
Sat, Feb 21, 2015 6:58 AM
actually in light of recent pulling out of streaming large companies highlights the non profitability of streaming media so sorry spottily hang in there
Mon, Oct 20, 2014 5:24 AM
Once again Spotify is way the biggest used streaming medium company for our tracks for month of August 2014, but I am not surprised that many successful bands are refusing to allow Spotify to stream their songs - the pay rate is truly pathetic when compared to just about any legitimate music distributor e.g. we get $0.01 from most streams on Google play, Rhapsody and the other good ones but $0.001 for streams on Spotify, destroying downloads - if we ever achieve success-goodbye to Spotify
Sat, Aug 30, 2014 7:22 PM
New album title decided - Break in containment soon be putting it together.
Sun, Jul 13, 2014 8:23 AM
It is about time that some radio stations gave some of these songs airplay, I say that as I am at work with the radio on and the stuff they play is mostly mindless machine generated noise with meaningless lyrics - no story - nothing
Thu, Jun 19, 2014 7:02 PM
I must say spotify fairly gets used these days, but the pay rate is crap 6400 plays about $6 hardly pays any bills ha ha
Mon, Jun 09, 2014 7:24 PM
Got quite a lot of material ready for next album haven't got an album name yet, but watch this space
Fri, May 09, 2014 3:29 PM
Ace selection
Mon, Apr 07, 2014 2:33 PM
Great cover
Sun, Apr 06, 2014 10:11 PM
Album uploaded and is a 14 track mainly rock album well worth a download when it becomes available, great sounding recordings
Fri, Apr 04, 2014 7:54 PM
New Album due in next couple of weeks titled OUT OF THIN AIR by Unpredictable Headband - great songs and recordings rock album will be out on all download sites soon
Sat, Mar 01, 2014 9:57 PM
bursting to bang out an album but there is just far too much stuff to chose from so probably one rock album and one multi genre - watch this space
Fri, Feb 21, 2014 6:22 AM
Ah well, plenty of plays on Spotify and various other streams in November / December also a few singles downloads, so perhaps the time has come for further releases, I just don't know how to get more publicity for our songs though - maybe do something outrageous and get on the news - they say no publicity is bad publicity - so look out for new albums comming out in next few months and keep listening cheers
Mon, Dec 30, 2013 7:09 PM
Just going through old CDs in the studio - must have enough material of at least three UHB albums, I just keep finding more songs all the time, might be as well to wait for more publicity on what is already released before putting out new stuff though the new stuff would have a whole rock album in it
Sat, Nov 16, 2013 10:13 AM
New release on all download sites coming soon now uploaded - look for Amy's song and listen to it at the top of the page - hope you like it feel free to comment
Sun, Nov 03, 2013 8:58 PM
Currently getting ready for the release of a new Bax single "Amy's Song" which the artist Bax wrote for his eldest daughter Amy who recently got married. She first heard it on her wedding day after the speaches and there was not a dry eye in the house - it really is a song from the heart of a father whose little girl is leaving home to start a new life as a married woman. Should be available by Christmas for download.
Mon, Sep 16, 2013 8:07 PM
Things are a bit slow really have to figure a way of getting more exposure for our music, not that easy! but hopefull something will come along soon, still waiting for Amazon to make CD's available
Thu, Jun 20, 2013 11:27 PM
Need to get more radio stations on-board to play some of my tracks, will be sending MP3 tracks out to various stations and offering them to be played royalty free, hopefully some of them will take me up on it,so if you work in radio and you like any of the tracks, let me know via facebook or the mailing list here and I will send you any tracks you want
Thu, Jun 13, 2013 11:28 PM
Tue, Jun 11, 2013 8:31 PM
New album almost live!!!
Wed, May 29, 2013 7:43 AM
Mon, May 27, 2013 9:13 PM
NEW ALBUM READY FOR LAUNCH - Just need artwork ALL OVER THE PLACE - Bax & Unpredictable Headband
Fri, May 24, 2013 9:35 PM
Getting some good feed back on Omnimuse album, another one on the way, and loads more to come watch this space
Sun, Apr 21, 2013 7:41 PM
for some reason all the tracks on the new Omnimuse album have been tagged explicit, this is not the case in other than a few songs, - calling elvis, young teens f**** , and a couple more, nothing too bad though Alisabadeen is a great unusual sounding track
Wed, Apr 10, 2013 9:38 AM
Ticketyboo is one of the tracks on the very varied genre new Omnimuse album, it is an acoustic about a crane operator on the Forties Alpha oil rig who is always Ticketyboo which Bax wrote after his first few trips on this oil rig.
Wed, Apr 10, 2013 9:16 AM
Fishermans rant is the last track on the One Day Millionaires album and is a traditional style Scottish song about the crew of a Scottish purse seine fishing vessel whix Bax was aboard in 1985 the song was written by Bax just after he left the fishing industry.
Mon, Mar 25, 2013 8:30 PM
The new Omnimuse album will be out on release soon, various songs and styles, some unpredictable headband stuff and some from mikey bruce
Sat, Mar 23, 2013 1:20 PM
New album comming out now
Sat, Jan 21, 2012 11:39 AM
Well Balanced music and clear vocals,Some good songs here.
Wed, Sep 07, 2011 3:51 PM
where did it go?
Sat, Jul 30, 2011 11:23 PM
There are some great songs on the One day millionaires album, quite a mix of styles and genres,I would recommend that you listen to all the previews before deciding whether to download the whole album or just individual tracks, though it works out cheaper per track to take the whole album.
Sat, May 28, 2011 2:43 PM
It shows the international aspect of the news when you get a scottish musician writing a song about the event - Very good lyrics.