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Braintree, MA  USA
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BOB CUTLER is an pop, oldies, and country singer from Braintree, Massachusetts. He has performed all over Massachusetts for many years. He has also performed in talent showcases and competitions in New York City, Los Angeles, Nashville, Little Rock, Oklahoma City and Seattle.
In recent years Bob has recorded four CD's of 50's and 60's oldies tunes, a "Rat Pack" tribute CD, and a country CD which have gotten radio airplay on WATD in Massachusetts and online play internationally.


Bob Cutler

Always On My Mind

© 2016 Bob Cutler


Bob Cutler

Bob Cutler Sings More Son...

© 2019 Bob Cutler


Bob Cutler

You Send Me

© 2020 Bob Cutler


Bob Cutler

Sings Songs of the Guys

© 2018 Bob Cutler


Bob Cutler

Sings Songs of the Girls

© 2021 Bob Cutler


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