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  The Man (Feat. Shi-Flames)
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New York, New York  U.S.A
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Tired of commonplace “bubblegum” raps? Want to follow someone who relates to and represents the masses? Then “00” is the new artist you’re checking for. Just as Johnson reveals that the “00” in his name symbolizes how Johnson is “starting from scratch, coming from nothing,” his music wipes the Harlem hip hop slate clean, as he and his crew, the Numba Runnas, take it back to a time in history before the drug game took hold of the streets, a time when number running, bootlegging, rent parties, chu ...


Doc "00" Johnson

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Thu, May 31, 2012 1:16 PM
Well I'm glad you liked it! You can use thread too if the daentl floss is too weird! I tried with a little bit of string but it ended up being to thick for the bead! I loved these when I first saw them and had to try and then post a vid about it! I'm glad you liked it! I used to bleach my hair and I dyed it pink, red, even orange when I was a teenager, but that used break and damage it so much it was never very long! I really liked getting some color back!