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  Funktronik (Funk You Mix)
  Beyond the Light (Magic Piano Mi
  Behind Shadows (Dark Sky Mix)
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Ive been wrighting, mastering, mixing and deejaying since 2000. I enjoy what I do, deejay, produce my own music, make remixes and work with other artists. my music production label is FeeLGooD MusiC. I mostly just wright, mix and master my own music and work with others sometimes. I actually started out righting hip hop tracks and working with rappers. they kept ending up in jail so I went down another path. I discovered my skills as a dj. and mixing tracks. I started righting multi track compos ...


DJ King Jo

Hypnosis for the Mass (Lo...

© 2013 FeeLGooD MusiC


DJ King Jo

Astral Voyage (Long Play ...

© 2014 FeeLGooD MusiC


DJ King Jo


© 2013 FeelGood Music


DJ King Jo

Dreamscapes & The State o...

© 2014 FeelGood Music


DJ King Jo

Audio Odyssey

© 2015 FeeLGooD MusiC


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