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KAUAI, Los Angeles  USA
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Aloha...My name is Kepa Kruse. Im 27 years old and I was born and raised on the island of Kauai. I am a singer/songwriter and I currently live in Los Angeles, CA.

Growing up on Kauai was a blessing. I was always in the ocean. most times it was a short walk from my front door in Hanalei. When I was twelve, I was accepted to the Kamehameha Schools as a seventh grader. I lived on Oahu, away from my family as a boarding stude ...

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Sun, Nov 30, 2014 9:31 PM
reason why? specifically quiz
Thu, Dec 24, 2009 8:36 PM
Hey Cuz,.....It has been along time since I was Kauai!, much to long! Today, 24 Dec 2009, I heard your Music and others, and can honestly say, "Beautiful"! Sounds of Hawaii and its Music have always got to me. Remembering Mom, Ruby Kruse, and her beautiful way she did the "Hula", plus the Music just tears my up! I was born Rodney Kaapuni Robinson, 27 Sep 39. Grandparent on both side of the Family were from Waimea! I lvoe of to hear your Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Cuz Rodney