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  I Can't Stop Loving You
  Well Alright
  I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart A...
Surrey  England
Peter Morrison

Artist Bio

Since this Bio was written John Kirby Woollard died of Leukemia after fighting the illness heroically for 3 months. We can never replace him, just carry the flag without him:-

It all began in 1961 with a group of guys from Leeds, Yorks, England who formed The Cherokees with band members, John Kirby Woollard, lead singer; Tez Stokes, lead guitar; David Bower, Rhythm guitar; Mick Sweeney, bass guitar; Jim Green, Drums. This outfit attained a record contract with Decca and later Mick ...


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The Boston Tapes

© 1971 NYPL Records


Peter Morrison

The Powers That Be

© 2005 Peter Morrison


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Keep A Clear Head

© 2000 New York Public Li...


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Take Some Music

© 1996 NYPL Records


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Anthologically Speaking

© 2005 NYPL Records


Peter Morrison

Profit A Man

© 1997 Sprinkle Records


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The Holly And The Library

© 1970 NYPL Records


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