Rob McConnell


  Mayan Prophecy
Hamilton, Ontario  Canada

Artist Bio

Music has always been a part of Rob McConnell’s life.

Born in Montreal in 1952, from playing in garage bands on the South Shore of Montreal, playing the part of John Lennon in one of the first Beatles Clone bands “The SelBeat” in Quebec in the late 60s’ to Montreal’s British Pubs, the French Bistro’s in historic Old Montreal, church and school dances, to playing the Coffee Houses of Montreal’s McGill University’s Aylmer Street area, to working with such greats as ...


Rob McConnell

Music of the 'X' Zone

© 2013 Rel-Mar McConnell ...


Rob McConnell

Rise Of A New Day

© 2013 REL-MAR McConnell ...


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Sun, Jan 13, 2013 8:54 PM
A Great selection of New Age Music! Congrats Rob! I can hardly wait to buy a CD!