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  I'll Never Say No To Jesus
  Perfect Praise
Harlem, NY  USA
Refining Faith

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Refining Faith

Refining Faith consists of four spiritual sisters from Harlem that has been put together by the group's founder Nedra Jones. These women have astounding voices that blend beautifully together. Their harmonizing abilities are incredible.. The group has performed four live concerts so far and continues to be very active in their calling. Refining Faith just won The Tiffany Gospel Award for �Song Of The Year� �Perfect Praise� and have been 3 time final ...


Refining Faith

In His Time

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Upcoming Events

Sun, Sep 05, 2010  4:00 PM
The Jay Everyday Show
Brooklyn, NY
Come into the chat room and give us your comments or call in.
Sun, Sep 05, 2010  4:00 PM
Our First Radio Show
Listen in every Sunday starting 9/5/10 to the "Refining Faith Hour".
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