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  Dolphin Song (Live With Farfarel
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Toni Putrino started his career in Melbourne Australia, playing in bars and clubs, solo and with various bands,
then moved to Europe, has worked with numerous musicians from producer Peter Blyton to U2
Guitarist, composer and singer, performing all around the world, mainly in Europe.
Has played countless gigs all over Europe in the last 15 years,solo and with the German band,Farfarello, also including a tour with the legendary Romanian rock band Phoenix
Based in Melb ...


Toni Putrino

Acoustic Live In Germany

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Toni Putrino

Songs 4 Fans

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Thu, May 31, 2012 7:57 PM
There are a lot of good songs on this CD however more than half of the songs are rgleiious, when I looked at the songs they had had available to listen to they were regular songs that I learned in school and when I listened to the sample songs they were not religous. I would have liked it to be just the regular singalong songs. They should put Christian Singalong Songs in the title or at least some rgleiious songs on the list to sample. It does mention that it's a Christian CD in the description but I somehow missed that which is my error. This is not a bad CD if you want a mix of both rgleiious and regular singalong songs.
Wed, Nov 09, 2011 9:05 PM
Songs for fans has all the songs that most people like,including, songs from, The Album, Love and freedom (96), Changes (98)and the bands i was in, Will o' the wisp, Jim Knopf, Farfarello and my Italian CD.