Touch of CAS


  Funky Fresh
  Sprinkle Me Baby
  Rise Up
Philadelphia/San Diego/Tijuana,   USA

Artist Bio

Nominee for Best Hip Hop Album 2010 by San Diego Music Awards.
Touch of CAS - T.O.C. is Craig Anthony Smith. Craig was born and raised in Philly on a steady diet of Hip Hop. CAS started flowing at an early age. Memorizing Big Daddy Kane's Raw, freestyle sessions in the schoolyard and a slot at the high school talent show shaped T.O.C's early years. CAS dug deeper into Hip Hop while in college at IUP. In 2000 after graduating college, CAS moved to San Diego and has been continuously invo ...


Touch of CAS

Progressive Struggle

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Rare Form Live


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Touch Of CAS

The Real

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Soul Projects

Project Soul

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Touch Of CAS

The Art Of Rhymin'

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