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  You Are Strong
  You Are Strong
Las Vegas, Nevada  USA
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Hi everyone, I’m Cat! I’m just your average sixteen year old girl from Las Vegas, but with above average dreams. I’ve wanted to become a singer for as long as I can remember. According to my mother, who is a spectacularly imaginative woman, I started singing from the moment I came out of the womb! Whether or not this is true, the world may never know. So let’s just say I’ve been singing for a pretty long while. It’s my passion, my love, my life, and I plan to continue doing it for an ...

Upcoming Events

Sat, Nov 21, 2015  5:00 PM
Tree Lighting Holiday Event
Lake Las Vegas
Wed, Nov 11, 2015  6:00 PM
Treasure Island
The Thre3 Cards show
Sun, Aug 30, 2015  6:30 PM
The Village
Lake Las Vegas
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