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  Red & White Brigade
  First Christmas
Surrey, BC  Canada
Septic Sam feat Jim Abbott

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The CD We Will Be There is a compilation of 20 bands and artists ranging from various genres. The sales of the CD benefit Canadian, American and British Soldiers who have returned from duty with life altering injuries in addition to the families of fallen soldiers. By your purchase, you are supporting our troops who give of themselves in order for us to enjoy free and democratic societies.

The CD includes tracks from Julian Austin, Independents for Independence, Don Steinbach, Kar ...


J Miller & Independents For Independence

We Will Be There

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Independents 4 Independence


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Wed, Nov 25, 2009 1:05 PM
Awsome CD which also supports Canadian, American and british Soldiers and their families. Full of great music. A great gift for any music lover this holiday season. Not only are you giving a gift to someone you care about but you are also supporting the brave men and women who fight for our freedom at the same time.