Dj Spanish Fly

Memphis, Tennessee  United States

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Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, United States
Dj Spanish Fly is featured in the Netflix Series "Hip Hop Evolution" season 4, Watch it to get a better understanding about Fly and The Start Of Memphis Rap. The legendary Memphis, Tennessee artist DJ Spanish Fly is a musical veteran and pioneer, well known throughout the Memphis area, and the Mid-South as the founding Godfather of Memphis Rap/hiphop music and culture in the region. Now, more than 33 years deep in the rap gameā€¦ It's Fl ...


DJ Spanish Fly

Cement Shoes

© 1994 Fly Word Music


DJ Spanish Fly

Smoking Onion

© 1988 Fly Word Music


DJ Spanish Fly

Gangsta Walk

© 1988 Fly Word Music


DJ Spanish Fly

Trigga Man

© 1989 Fly Word Music


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