St Johns Wort


  Get Up and Dance
  Lock Me Up
  I Don't Give a Damn
Louisville, Kentucky  USA
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St Johns Wort, besides a medicinal herb, is an electrifying band from Louisville, Kentucky. With a heart to play the blues and a need to rock people to their feet, SJWs unique style has been best described as Deep-Fried Southern Funk. This four-piece roster consists of Bubba Coy, David Frick, Deanna Burnell, and Mike Wilson.

The group started performing at public venues in 1997 and over the years have participated in numerous Battle of the Bands and always placed a ...


St Johns Wort

Give Me The Blues

© 1998 Music Man Records


St Johns Wort

No One Knew

© 2000 St Johns Wort


St Johns Wort

Big Things in Small Packa...

© 2015 St Johns Wort


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Sat, Jan 14, 2017  9:00 PM
The Planet Experience
Louisville, KY
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