10 Tips to Sell Music Online Infographic

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Wondering how to get your music on iTunes and other online music retailers? It's time to stop wondering and start doing. Below are ten simple ways to help you sell music online. Musical artists are always looking for new methods and places to promote their music. The most popular music retailers include iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, AmazonMP3, Google Play and Rhapsody. Successful artists promote their music over multiple platforms and make their songs available to many of these online music retailers. Check out these tips from SongCast and get started today.

Between social media and other online sites, bands and artists must be transparent and interact with their fans online. Consistent music promotion will help your tunes reach new fans and turn them into loyal supporters. By communicating with your fan base on a regular basis and over several forms of media, your band will increase its visibility. Once your music distribution is in place, you will be able to sell music online at a faster pace. Music distributors, like SongCast, give up and coming artists an avenue to make their songs available to all of the top name music retailers. Use the above tips to sell music online and contact SongCast to learn how to get your music on iTunes and other online retailers.