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Wow...the services of SongCast are great and very simple to use. The customer service has been very good. I'm mad at myself I didn't sign up sooner. We're in the digital world now, so I'M HAPPY. - Lamonte Temple / Next Mill Entertainment, LLC

I have been all around the internet and this is the best service out there. For one, I love the distribution, they put my music in places people actually go to look for music to purchase. Also, they give you a run down of how many times your music was streamed, to how many downloads, to how you get your money. So it's easy to understand. Thanks Again. - Charles Ligons / LIL MACC LOCO
Thank God for Mike and SongCast! In the past we were at the mercy of the record labels and they held our fate in their hands. Well, the tables have turned. Now we can put out whatever we like and let the people decide what they want to buy and listen to instead of corporate executives who do NOT have their finger on the pulse of the people. SongCast is one of the best things to ever happen to the truly independent artists. I can't thank you guys enough! You're the best and I mean that. - Charles Sedlak / Musician/Songwriter
The team at SongCast has been terrific. I am a new artist on the music scene, and they were quick to distribute to all the major retailers. It was a joy to go from skepticism as to whether the service was for real, to realizing that it was real! Thanks SongCast for your quick responses! The artists believe in your service. Now we all have a chance to cut out the middle-man. - B.D.Kuchera / Musician/Songwriter
SongCast has been tremendous in getting our releases digitally distributed into other avenues and it has picked up our sales as well as advanced the consumers awareness of our company and product. It's simple and affordable and actually makes sense to approach the digital age in this fashion. - Shawn C. Lane / President, FastLane Records
At last! A site which aims to help undiscovered talent get noticed in a tough music industry. It gives artists enough assistance to get started digitally without taking over.
- Chris Penman / Musician/Songwriter

It's great. You guy's at SongCast helped our stuff get out there. World wide exposure, that's what every Indie Label needs Keep up the great work.
- Alex Dinn / From the band 'A2Z'

I was surfing the internet and i saw SongCast. I used it and it was very easy. I love SongCast and its great for artist to use! - Saul Zalta / The Filthy Animals

I was with another company before and I was obliged to cancel everything because they were slow and they did not follow their agreements. I think I'm now with one of the best! - Patrick Sinclair Fosso / GOLDEN BOY (FOSPASSIN)

Since we went through SongCast, Our records sales have tripled. The service works!!!!
- Willie / THE DRAPES

SongCast is an incredible "middle man" helping artists get their music distributed in ways that may be a little technologically advanced for the average musician. Mike has the patience of a saint and for someone who will never meet the majority of his clients face-to-face is amazing at getting his support of what you are trying to do across via e-mail! I found SongCast (or they found me, I don't remember) through MySpace. Our connection was immediate and I couldn't be happier with the service and support my band has received. I am a fan and recommend SongCast to fellow musicians constantly! - Kathy Boyd / Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising
SongCast is an awesome tool for musicians of all kinds. I would suggest anyone that is wanting to "storm the music industry" to join SongCast. I did and I'm happy. :)
- Becky Ayers / Musician/Songwriter

I really like the way SongCast was able to submit my album to all the online stores, while I spent my time creating new music; thanks guys. - Rob Zarro / Solo Artist

The Exposure that we have gotten since going through SongCast is amazing!!!! Were selling records overseas for the first time. I wish SongCast was around 10 years ago.
- Jeff Havoc / Willie PSYCHO

I want to compliment SongCast about their services on delivering most artists music to the World, specially my music " ROBB HOOD". Also make sure ya purchase HELL CAN'T HOLD US or any one of your favorite tracks from the EP. Thanks to SongCast and everyone who've been supporting me. - Lex / Robb Hood
Thank you SongCast for getting my music distributed throughout the internet, including Itunes! - Jeremy Lesh / Boca Project

Good service...just what I've been looking for. I will definitely recommend to everybody
- Spook / Darccide Entertainment

I'm so satisfied with this service. Finally my friends around the world can buy my works without any problem!! - Frank / Lounge on Mars

For our band, SongCast gave us a big opportunity to export our music throughout the world. - Minkus / Heavy Metal Band

Since I have joined SongCast, I have had a great deal of support; from the time I spent explaining to them about my albums, to the last of hearing back from them. And if something was not right they offered as much help as they can give. Its the best service on the net for Bands and Solo Artists who are signed and not signed, its fair, easy and a great service. I'm still using SongCast to upload and distribute them around the world. And I Would recommend it to everyone and anyone who wants to get there music heard.. -Dion / Lopez D.G. RMX
SongCast is a great avenue for artists to showcase their talents. It helps artists get public exposure. Their customer service is exceptional.
- Michael Cotner / The Michael Cotner Project

SongCast is an easy and safe way for independent artists to sell their music...a great way to be heard! - Chris Lurkin / From 'N8V'

Great service, SongCast reps are quick to answer emails and help out in any way they can. - Tommy / From the band 'Authority'

SongCast has been a brilliant help in getting the beat factory labels product released throughout the world. Our select roster of artists in all genres can now enjoy the exposure they deserve, and we are very pleased to have SongCast as our distribution partner. - Jim Beadle / Beat Factory Records
I think SongCast is great. It has given me the exposure that I need. SongCast is a great service for artists. - Alfred L Cooper / Simply Al

SongCast works great! As an independent artist I was skeptical about the whole thing, because there are so many distribution services out there trying to get your dollar. But I can honestly say SongCast music is now available on the major music sites without me having to spend major label money to get it there! - B Cribb / Pop 40 Music
With SongCast music we are able to reach a wider audience that we might not have done before...thanks and great service! - Sonar Nation / Rock Band

I love my SongCast membership. It's a very savvy and affordable way for independent artists to sell their music on the internet. Thanks Guys. - James Poindexter / Blocstarz

Thanks to Song Cast our music has been downloaded and listened to all over the world, giving us the much needed exposure we need! We recommend Song Cast to anyone starting out in the music industry! - Almighty Boys / Concrete Records

We are very excited to see our music enjoyed by people all over the world. Hailing from the small island of Barbados, it's very hard to get your music heard beyond your shores, unless you have been blessed to have a major label like Rihanna, Shontelle or Rupee to handle your distribution. Now fans, friends and those who are just curios can check out our music live on iTunes! One Love and Full Respect! - Kirk Brown / Good Entertainment
Great stuff!! You offer a jewel and I am helping to make you known all over the music world! For us it is an honor to be in SongCast!! - John, Chris and Gary / Demon Angels

SongCast Music has helped us offer tracks to a broader audience. With their service, we now have CDs available at multiple digital accounts, and the tracks have already started to sell. SongCast Music's sales tracking report is easy to use and understand. They always answer any questions you might have promptly. We could not be happier with the service they provide. - Ryan Rainbolt /
I will be VERY EXCITED and HAPPY to re-write another comment on this COOL site when my song. "BABY, COME ON OUT" is up on ITUNES...All my 100% love and support to SongCast! - Chris Tian / Sunfish Entertainment

Thank you for all your support & hard work to get my music up on the internet. I am very pleased with your service. You proved that you really care about your clients.
- Gary Rihoo / Persian Dream

Thanks for everything. We would not have done it if it was not for SongCast. It's a great company to get your music distributed. And yes...they are for real!
- Loc Dog / High Quality Records

What a great service! So much good music out there and now we don't have to be spoon fed by only the big labels. The SongCast support is second to none. After putting up my first CD "Drink Till You're Poor" and seeing how easy it was my second is on it's way. Thanks SongCast. - Colin Edwards / Bear With Us Records
Thank you so much for getting our songs posted so quickly on Itunes. You provided us with a quick and easy way to distribute our music. You also gave me quick, informative responses to any email questions I had. Thanks again - Jeff Thaxton / Thaxton

Thanks SongCast! The music is delivered very fast! What an awesome service you provide! - Rich / Acid Bleu

Hi, we signed up with SongCast music and have been very satisfied with the results so far, We have our album distributed worldwide and without having to pay percentages to the many hosting sites. We recommend SongCast as the sensible way to distribute your music to the masses. - The Kamen / Recording Artists
Wow! We were up in no time and the sales are pouring in. Thank you for your guidance!
- The Waiting Four / One Amp Records

Thanks SongCast, I've been trying to get my song "Shadow Figures" From My up coming Cd on I-tunes for months. Along comes SongCast and with Gods help, made everything possible. Thank you SongCast!! - Nate Pierre Nelson / Musician/Songwriter

SongCast is an awesome distribution label, they do exactly what they say they will do and reply to any query or problemz you have. Keep up the good work...peace
- karneejixx(the renegade apostle) / iyaconlabz/seraphim teqniquez

Its fantastic knowing that your music is out there and available both nationally and internationally for your fans to buy. Seeing your song(s) on iTunes alongside major artists, is a major buzz. Thanx SongCast. - Errol Cole / Pqlia Recordings

SongCast is cool. It gives artists an international platform to showcase our talents.
- GLEAM JOEL / Musician/Songwriter

Wow! Awesome service, we've had a lot of downloads and saves us taking cd's to gigs. We can now just promote the album on iTunes! Thank you, we will be using you more in the future :D - Lea Smith / BLACKOUT

SongCast music is the best and easiest way 2 sell and get your music distributed throughout the world...Akshun and the whole Blood Fire Camp support and HIGHLY recommend it!!! - Akshun / Blood Fire Records

Thanks Mike, for making the process of setting up worldwide distribution of music by independent bands, on the digital I-Tunes platform. This kind of distribution is perfect for the artist and performer who prefers to retain their own unique style of integrity with respect to what is delivered in the final product. The process was straight forward and is economical for the independent artist. I look forward to a long association with SongCast! - Meredith Rollo / Civilian Death Machine
Well I see my stuff on three websites so far I-tunes, eMusic and rhapsody. I thank you all for your hard work. Lets keep pumping it out there. - James Lann / Ari-Tex Records