Mark Turns

Columbus, Ohio  USA
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Mark Turns is a spoken-word artist/poet & Lyricist from Columbus, Ohio who enjoys writing.The 3 featured tracks on this page:

1). I'm Not Gonna' Hurt You.

2). Open Your a Eyes. (1st Remix)

3). The Sweetest Loveletters -AND- We'll Drink Our Wine & Our Whiskey Together.

The following 7 singles are currently playing on SongCast radio and are also available off of the homepage under "The MGT Quiet Storm" section: I Don ...


Mark Turns

Sweet Lovin' Lady

© 2014 Mark Turns


Mark Turns

If Ya Ain't Gonna Stay Aw...

© 2009 Mark Turns

Mark Turns

I'm Singin I Got Me a Wom...

© 2002 Mark Turns

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