Raw B


  Harmless Vulgarity
  Pop Rocks and Soda
Spokane, WA  United States
reverb nation

Artist Bio

Robert Sletner, better known as Raw B, is the orchestrator and musical genius behind Fly By Night Productions. In his earliest musical endeavors as a child, Raw used a tape recorder to capture his first melodious creations. Being a product of his rearing on the road, he became a product of the musical environment his parents established. He credits the music education from his father as the principal underpinning for his successful career in music. Raw B’s family have always been and will cont ...


Raw B

The Cunning Linguist

© 2007 Fly By Night


III Kings

III Kings

© 2009 Fly By Night Produ...


Raw B

Analyze & Interpret

© 2013 Fly By Night Produ...


III Kings

Second Reign

© 2011 Fly By Night Produ...


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