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  Guns By My Side
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Punk Rock Records™ US and Northern Front Records™ US CA UK is a record company, created by our founder, who is also by trade a producer, engineer talent manager and communications innovator. Punk Rock Records™, was started in late 1982. Northern Front Records™ as well as Eastern Front Records™ in 1987. The record company and it's members, that consist of current recording artists, pride themselves in the vintage analog recordings arts alongside the new and evolving world of digital. T ...


U.S. Chaos

For Being Young

© 1996 Punk Rock Records


U.S. Chaos

We've Got the Weapons

© 1983 Punk Rock Records


U.S. Chaos

Eye for an Eye (Kill the ...

© 1984 Punk Rock Records


The Rilladicks

There's Nothing Wrong Wit...

© 2007 Punk Rock Records


Dysfunctional Youth

Razor Wire Love

© 2021 PunkRock Records


Various Artists

Time to Raise Some Hell

© 2021 Punk Rock Records


The Accelerators

On the Beach

© 2016 Punk Rock Records ...


Dysfunctional Youth

The Skinhead Shake E.P.

© 2013 Punk Rock Records ...


Dean Dean And The Sex Machines

Dean Dean And The Sex Mac...

© 2003 Punk Rock Records/...


The Flair Up's

Way Too Loud For Rock N' ...

© 2011 Eastern Front (JAP...


Above All Hope

Getting High In Glenrock ...

© 2003 Eastern Front Reco...


The Stun Gunz

The Girls Can't Get Enoug...

© 2011 Eastern Front (CA ...


U.S. Chaos

Stopping Evolution Dead I...

© 2010 Punk Rock Records


Basic Skills

A Shit Scared Government

© 1996 Punk Rock Records


Ritchie Murder And The Guilloteens

Crawl Into Your Nightmare

© 1999 Punk Rock Records ...


Dysfunctional Youth

A Better Tomorrow

© 1991 Punk Rock Records ...


Various Artists

A Marty Munsch Production...

© 2010 Punk Rock Records


The Rash

You're A Punk Slave - Liv...

© 1995 Punk Rock Records


U.S. Chaos

You Can't Hear A Picture

© 1999 Punk Rock Records


The Stun Gunz

Rock N Roll

© 2009 PunkRockRecords Pu...


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