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Punk Rock Records™ US and Northern Front Records™ US CA UK is a record company, created by our founder, who is also by trade a producer, engineer talent manager and communications innovator. Punk Rock Records™, was started in 1983. Northern Front Records™ as well as Eastern Front Records™ in 1987. The record company and it's members, that consist of current recording artists, pride themselves in the vintage analog recordings arts alongside the new and evolving world of digital. The fi ...


The Stun Gunz

Rock N Roll

© 2009 PunkRockRecords Pu...


The Rash

You're A Punk Slave - Liv...

© 1995 Punk Rock Records


U.S. Chaos

You Can't Hear A Picture

© 1999 Punk Rock Records


Various Artists

A Marty Munsch Production...

© 2010 Punk Rock Records


Dysfunctional Youth

A Better Tomorrow

© 1991 Punk Rock Records ...


Ritchie Murder And The Guilloteens

Crawl Into Your Nightmare

© 1999 Punk Rock Records ...


Basic Skills

A Shit Scared Government

© 1996 Punk Rock Records


U.S. Chaos

Stopping Evolution Dead I...

© 2010 Punk Rock Records


The Stun Gunz

The Girls Can't Get Enoug...

© 2011 Eastern Front (CA ...


Above All Hope

Getting High In Glenrock ...

© 2003 Eastern Front Reco...


The Flair Up's

Way Too Loud For Rock N' ...

© 2011 Eastern Front (JAP...


Dean Dean And The Sex Machines

Dean Dean And The Sex Mac...

© 2003 Punk Rock Records/...


Dysfunctional Youth

The Skinhead Shake E.P.

© 2013 Punk Rock Records ...


The Accelerators

On the Beach

© 2016 Punk Rock Records ...


Various Artists

Time to Raise Some Hell

© 2021 Punk Rock Records


Dysfunctional Youth

Razor Wire Love

© 2021 PunkRock Records


U.S. Chaos

Eye for an Eye (Kill the ...

© 1984 Punk Rock Records


The Rilladicks

There's Nothing Wrong Wit...

© 2007 Punk Rock Records


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